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Non-woven Waxing Strips - Pack of 100

  • • Affordable & Economical
    • Use with All Waxes
    • Cut to Any Length
    • Textile NOT Paper
    • No Bleed Through
    • Excellent Adhesiveness
    • Strong & Durable
    • Won't Shred or Tear
    • Soft, Not Stiff
    • More Comfortable
    • Flexible for Precision
    • Made in the USA
    • Fast Shipping
  • Our non-woven waxing strips are an economical choice for your professional hair removal services – that does not sacrifice quality. Simply put, we are superior to the non-woven competition while offering an affordable price-point.

    Because our non-woven waxing strips are made from a dense polymer (and not paper like some other brands) – our waxing strips will not tear, shred or separate like many cut-rate and overseas brands. They will also not leave those annoying little scraps and bits of residue, like cheap-rate brands do.

    Additionally, because Pinky’s non-woven waxing strips are a nonwoven textile made with synthetic fibers (and not paper) they still offer exceptional flexibility – for ease and precision when removing hair.

About Non-woven Waxing Products

No other economy-minded material in the marketplace today matches Pinky’s non-woven substrate for combining affordability and efficiency with ultra-high quality.

Our non-woven rolls and strips are the perfect depilation product for cost-conscious professionals who prefer to save money without sacrificing quality.

Pinky’s non-woven products derive from a uniquely-formulated fiber construction that provides superior strength, adhesion and flexibility – all at a lower price-point than woven hair removal products.

Unlike other non-woven items flooding the market today (watch out for those imports and cut-rate brands!), Pinky’s strips are sturdy and tear resistant, yet retain a smoothness and flexibility not found in ordinary “paper” alternatives.

With a host of popular roll sizes to choose from, salon owners can now take advantage of a major cost savings by using non-woven products that can be custom cut to fit whatever lengths are needed; removing hair both gently and efficiently.

These versatile and highly-absorbent rolls and strips are manufactured in the United States and are available for immediate shipping. 

Why Use Non-Woven Waxing Products?

Pinky’s non-woven waxing rolls are the economical choice for any and all types of professional hair removal.  Now you can save money without sacrificing the level of comfort and quality that your clients deserve!

Though non-woven materials are often regarded as a budget-conscious alternative to woven depilation fabrics, the unsurpassed quality of our specially-formulated substrate renders Pinky’s brand superior to all other non-woven depilation products.  Period. 

Our non-woven construction is actually less porous than even a sheet of writing paper, thus eliminating the occurrence of “bleed through.”  This means that wax is less likely to seep through the strip itself, reducing both excessive waste and extra clean up time!  Its excellent “adhesion” properties allow for a faster, more gentle salon experience.!

And remember, no tearing, shredding or separating means greater flexibility and ease of placement. 

Popular roll sizes eliminate the problem of expensive waste!  Cut long strips for arms or legs, smaller dimensions for eyebrows, lips and ears to fit perfectly where needed.