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California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

STC-QST LLC recognizes the importance of making efforts to ensure that our supply chain is free of any products of forced labor, child labor or human trafficking and slavery.  In compliance with the regulations of the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB 657), STC-QST has developed and issued a code of conduct that states we prohibit and will not tolerate any such conditions in our supply chain.

STC-QST uses a 3rd party to conduct both announced and unannounced audits of our direct suppliers to evaluate their compliance with our company standards to prevent trafficking and slavery in our supply chains.

STC-QST also requests certifications such as WRAP, BSCI and GSCC from direct suppliers to help assure us that materials comply with the slavery and human trafficking laws of the countries in which they are doing business.

STC-QST also maintains and enforces internal accountability procedures for employees and contractors who fail to meet our company standards to prevent the incidence slavery and human trafficking in its supply chain and are diligent in maintaining these standards.

STC-QST conducts internal training on this code of conduct to ensure the necessary participants in supply chain management are knowledgeable and aware of the issues and concerns surrounding the supply chain, including human trafficking and slavery, with a focus on mitigating risks.  STC-QST also encourages employees involved in our supply chain to participate in external training programs and seminars on social compliance issues, human trafficking and slavery.

STC-QST has an ongoing analysis of the effectiveness of our human trafficking and slavery eradication efforts and is committed to evolving our efforts to ensure our supply chain remains free of forced labor, child labor or human trafficking and slavery.