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Natural Muslin Waxing Roll

  • • Use with All Waxes
    • Dense Cotton Weave
    • Maximum Adhesion
    • No Bleed Through
    • Strong – Will Not Tear
    • Soft & Comfortable
    • Flexible for Precision
    • Made in the USA
    • Fast Shipping
  • Many estheticians and salon professionals prefer natural/unbleached muslin waxing strips for their natural look and feel – and “eco-friendly” attributes.

    Natural cotton fiber is a soft “beige” color – and many include natural variations from the cotton plant.

    Some salon professionals simply prefer unbleached muslin waxing strips for their “all natural” appearance. While others find that the slight texture of unbleached muslin waxing strips provide better adhesion (“hair grabbing”) with certain waxes they use.

    Whether you need unbleached or bleached muslin waxing strips, choose Pinky’s for the highest quality strips at the best prices.

About Muslin Waxing Products

For the most efficient and comfortable hair removal experience possible, no other waxing material matches our high-count, 100% cotton muslin for strength and flexibility. 

Pinky’s waxing rolls and strips are the preferred brand of spa & salon professionals everywhere.

Because of muslin’s superior tensile strength and unsurpassed adhesion properties, our unique cotton construction allows removal of body and facial hair with maximum efficiency and minimum resistance.

We offer both bleached and natural muslin qualities in a host of popular roll sizes, as well as 3” X 9” uniform strips.

All Pinky’s products are manufactured in the USA. 

Our high-volume inventory ensures that your order will ship in the fastest time possible.  

Why Use Muslin Waxing Products?

Because muslin is a high-grade woven fabric, it will not tear, shred or separate like other materials.  Pinky’s brand rolls and strips provide estheticians with the utmost flexibility allowing for precise placement even in the tightest of areas.

In addition, Pinky’s 100% Cotton muslin helps to maximize the “adhesion” or “grab” factor.  This means faster, more gentle hair removal, leaving the hard-to-please client satisfied with his or her salon experience.   

Remember!  When you purchase Pinky’s rolls and strips you’re buying the most absorbent product in the market today.  Therefore, the chances of experiencing “wax bleed through” in the depilation process (a common occurrence with bargain brands) are greatly reduced, meaning less waxy mess to clean up! 

As an added bonus, Pinky’s high-quality muslin feels comfortable (not scratchy) against the skin – a complimentary feature of our product that most bargain brands and lesser-quality alternatives simply cannot provide.