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February 20, 2021

Our name – “Pinky’s” – may sound a little feminine. But Pinky’s prides itself on offering waxing strips that are ideally suited for removing the coarser and tougher hair on men’s bodies, too!

For many years male waxing was typically reserved for certain athletes and bodybuilders – but today male waxing is accepted as a mainstream aspect of male grooming. As the market for male hair removal grows, waxing professionals need to be certain that they are using the right waxing strips and hair removal products for the male body.

Why Use Waxing for Men’s Hair Removal ?

Waxing is the preferred method of hair removal for men for many reasons. Hair removal from waxing not only lasts far longer than shaving, but also eliminates razor burns and ingrown hair due to shaving. Additionally, while shaving causes hair to become thicker and more course, waxing reduces the hairs’ coarseness over time! It’s no wonder more and more men are turning to waxing for their hair removal needs!

Best Waxing Strips for Men’s Hair Removal

To effectively remove men’s thick coarse hair, waxing strips must be strong, with high tensile strength and superior adhesion.

Pinky’s waxing strips feature a superior cotton weave structure that remains flexible while offering the utmost strength and adhesion. Keep in mind that cut-rate, poorly manufactured waxing strips – such as those obtained from “overseas” manufacturers – do not have the strength and adhesion necessary to remove thick coarse hair.

The high quality, durable fabric waxing strips made in the USA by Pink’s offer excellent strength and adhesion to ensure perfect hair removal every time – on even the toughest, coarsest men’s hair.

Pinky’s Waxing Strips for Men’s Hair Removal are ideal for:

  • “Manscaping” or “Bro-zilians”
  • Men’s Chest and Abdomen Hair Removal
  • Men’s Shoulder and Back Hair Removal
  • Men’s Arms, Legs, Hands, Feet & Toes Hair Removal
  • Men’s Face, Eyebrows, Nose & Ears Hair Removal

The Salon Owners’ Choice for Men’s Waxing Strips

As your salon or hair removal practice sees more and more male clients, turn to Pinky’s for superior waxing strips that can tackle even the toughest men’s hair.