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February 20, 2021

Salon owners have no doubt seen a marked increase in the demand for bikini, Brazilian, European or other pubic hair waxing over the last several years.

As these specialized services have become more in vogue, sensitivity in the depilation process must remain utmost in terms of customer well-being and satisfaction.

Providing your clients with the most comfortable bikini waxing experience that money can buy is one sure way to guarantee that they keep coming back… and referring your salon or spa to friends and relatives!  

Therefore, special care must be taken when selecting the best quality of hair removal product in order to provide your clients with the level of comfort, skill and expertise they deserve.

The Best Bikini Waxing Experience Requires the Best Waxing Strips

The Bikini waxing experience begins with selecting the highest-quality waxing strips available.  You need a material that is both strong and flexible, yet provides excellent adhesion throughout the hair removal process.

(1.) Strong Bikini Waxing Strips

Pinky’s muslin will not separate or tear during use.  Watch out!  Less-expensive brands, especially those economy-grade alternatives so prevalent in our market today, are highly vulnerable to such mishaps.  Not so with Pinky’s waxing strips, as they never tear or separate.

(2.) High Adhesion Bikini Waxing Strips

The reliability of Pinky’s muslin material stems from its unsurpassed adhesion properties which insure that every hair is removed – every time!  Bargain brand products lack this aspect of Pinky’s quality leaving straggler hairs behind.  What a waste of time & money… not to mention your client’s level of discomfort. Ouch! 

(3.) Flexible Bikini Waxing Strips

Flexibility is key when it comes to providing comfort and consistency in the Bikini or Brazilian hair removal process.  Because of the irregular shape of a woman’s private area, waxing strips must be exceedingly flexible in order accommodate every “nook and cranny” of this delicate area. 

Cheap waxing strips can feel extremely abrasive when applied to these sensitive areas of the body.  Pinky’s combines the smoothness of a medium-firm finish with the flexibility of high-count cotton to insure a clean and uniform hair removal experience. 

This is especially important when servicing the many different styles and trends of bikini waxing that are popular today, including “French” or “landing strip” pattern, as well as the heart-shaped or triangular “American” pattern – all of which require a great deal of PRECISION.

The Salon Owners’ Choice for Brazilian & Bikini Waxing Strips

Be sure to keep your salon up to date by relying on Pinky’s brand for strength, comfort & flexibility in the ultimate hair removal experience.