No other waxing strip material matches Pinky’s non-woven waxing strips for combining affordability with high quality. Our non-woven waxing strips are ideal for the cost-conscious salon owner or esthetician who wants to save money without sacrificing quality. Pinky’s non-woven waxing strips are a preferred brand of hair removal professionals everywhere, because they provide exceptional strength and adhesion at a lower price-point than muslin waxing strips.

Pinky’s non-woven waxing strips are manufactured in the USA of highly absorbent and adhesive non-woven material that remove body and facial hair efficiently, with a minimum of pulling or resistance. Unlike cut-rate non-woven waxing strips (including cheap brands, overseas manufacturers, and paper strips), Pinky’s strips are tear resistant and offer increased flexibility. This ensures that your waxing process runs smoothly from start to finish – with maximum efficiency and minimum discomfort.

Muslin Waxing Strips


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