No other waxing strip material matches Pinky’s non-woven waxing rolls for combining affordability and efficiency with high quality. Our non-woven waxing rolls are the perfect depilation product for the cost-conscious hair removal professional who wants to save money without sacrificing quality. Pinky’s non-woven waxing rolls are manufactured from a synthetic textile that provides superior strength, adhesion and flexibility – at a lower price-point than muslin waxing strips.

Purchasing your waxing strip material in rolls provides the ultimate in cost savings – by allowing you to cut custom lengths that are exactly what you need.  Pinky’s non-woven waxing rolls are manufactured in the United States of a highly absorbent and adhesive non-woven material that removes body and facial hair efficiently and gently. Unlike off-brand non-woven waxing strips (including cut-rate brands, overseas manufacturers, and paper strips), Pinky’s strips are tear resistant, as well as soft and flexible. This ensures a waxing experience that is easier for you and more comfortable for your clients!

Muslin Waxing Strips


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