What Are the Best Brazilian & Bikini Waxing Strips?

bikini waxing stripsIf you are a salon owner, you have no doubt seen a marked increase in the demand for bikini, Brazilian, European or other pubic hair waxing over the last several years. As these services become more in demand, keeping up with the waxing needs of your clients becomes more important than ever.

Building a “regular” clientele of repeat customers is the key to any salon’s success. You want your clients to have the best, most comfortable bikini waxing experience, to ensure they keep coming back (and refer their friends). But, obviously, bikini waxing involves dealing with a very sensitive area – so special care must be taken when selecting the best products  for providing this service!

The Best Bikini Waxing Experience Requires the Best Waxing Strips

In order to create the most effective (and least painful) Bikini or Brazilian waxing experience, you need to start with quality waxing strips that are strong, flexible and have excellent adhesion.

(1.) Strong Bikini Waxing Strips

High quality waxing strips will not separate or tear during use. Cheap waxing strips, especially so-called “paper strips” are prone to ripping during use. However Pinky’s high quality waxing strips never tear or separate.

(2.) High Adhesion Bikini Waxing Strips

High quality waxing strips get every hair, every time, because of their high adhesion. Cheap strips lack adhesion and can leave straggler hairs here-and-there – resulting in the need for multiple strips and multiple pulls that waste time & money and increase your client’s discomfort.

(3.) Flexible Bikini Waxing Strips

Flexibility is key when it comes to Bikini or Brazilian waxing strips. Because of the irregular shape of a woman’s private area, waxing strips need to be exceedingly flexible to get in and around every “nook and cranny”.

Cheap waxing strips are typically very stiff, and do not bend to conform to this tricky area. Pinky’s high quality waxing strips offer the utmost on softness and flexibility, enabling you to remove hair from any part of the body – including the sensitive pubic area.

Additionally, today’s waxing trends demand that a hair removal professional has the ability to accommodate the many different “styles” of bikini waxing. French or “landing strip” waxing, heart shaped waxing, or triangular “American” bikini waxing all require a great deal of PRECISION. This requires the use of a highly flexible bikini waxing strip – that can be manipulated into the proper shape or design to obtain the desired effect.

The Salon Owners’ Choice for Brazilian & Bikini Waxing Strips

buy muslin waxing stripsTo keep your salon or hair removal practice competitive in the Bikini or Brazilian waxing business, turn to Pinky’s for superior waxing strips for the ultimate in strength, comfort & flexibility.