What Is the Difference Between Muslin & Nonwoven Waxing Strips?

Learn About Waxing StripsWhen helping clients place orders for waxing strips, we are often asked what the difference is between muslin waxing strips and nonwoven waxing strips.

Muslin waxing strips are manufactured from 100% cotton. Muslin is actually a true “woven cloth” – made using a weaving process just like the fabric in your jeans or T-shirt!

However, non-woven waxing strips are “laid” rather than “woven”. The process for making non-woven waxing strips is similar to the process for making paper.

Muslin Waxing Strips

Muslin waxing strips’ woven nature makes them the strongest and most durable waxing strips you can buy. They are ideal for even the toughest or most coarse hair! Muslin waxing strips work well on legs, eyebrows, the upper lip, chin and face. However, because of muslin’s aggressive strength, some hair removal professionals prefer to use the more “forgiving” non-woven material on more sensitive areas such as the bikini area, arms and underarms.

In addition to its superior strength, muslin is also softer and easier to bend and maneuver than nonwoven strips.

Non-Woven Waxing Strips

Because non-woven waxing strips are slightly more economical than muslin, they are very popular. While not as strong as muslin, non-woven strips still get the job done – while taking it easy on your budget.

However, because non-woven strips are “laid” rather than “woven”, they are a bit stiffer than muslin waxing strips. This makes them a bit more challenging to form to some of the body’s contours.

Whether you choose muslin or nonwoven waxing strips, you can be assured of the highest quality at the best prices when you order them from Pinky’s.

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